Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New beginnings

itsy-124 Well, apparently my sewing machine got the memo about new directions and new beginnings for Itsystitch, because it died yesterday!  After 10 years, it gave out on me.  The gears locked up, the dreaded error messages flashed on the little screen, and the rubber belt came loose.  Poor dear thing has been worked to death in the past decade!  It has seen many Halloween costumes, dresses, pillow cases, pajamas, elaborate Dutch costumes for the Tulip Festival back when we lived in the Midwest, and the start of this business.  It may be possible to have it repaired, or it's time may have come to an end, either way, I needed a new machine, stat!
Thank GOODNESS for our local machine shop, 35th Avenue Sew and Vac.  They had a Babylock Creative Pro (which is pretty similar in layout to my deceased Babylock Decorator's Choice) for $399.  I think they felt bad for me, so they dropped the price to $299 and threw in a warranty for the pre-owned machine.  It looks pristine and runs like a dream!  It's only a few years old and looks barely used.  It's basically a cross between their current Grace and Elizabeth models.  Not bad for $299!

So, it seems appropriate that I dive into this new period of growth for my business with a new machine. 

So many minis on the horizon!  Sometimes I just sit in my studio with a cup of tea and survey my fabrics and yarns, deciding how to best use them.  Making dolls is so fulfilling, because you can literally be inspired by ANYthing.  Yarn, fabric, a cupcake, a rainy day, the ocean, a peach tree, the circus, summertime, a blueberry, anything can inspire the theme for a doll.  And then, there are a million ways to interpret each idea!  You will be seeing many more themed dolls in the future, and lots of little accessories with each doll (particularly ready to ship dolls).  I'm so excited to set off on this new journey with Itsystitch!

itsy-107 itsy-123

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